Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Velcro Baby.

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Maggie has been very clingy lately or as the adoption community calls it " The Velcro Baby Stage".  She wants to be held a lot and only wants mommy to hold her ( Daddy is very sad and trying to not get his feelings hurt).  This is a normal stage she is going though and I know it is helping our bonding.  But....kinda of hard to get stuff done around here when Maggie is clinging to my leg and crying to be held.  It is so pitiful and I am a pushover for her sweet fat cheeks and dimpled hands !  Oh well, some things will have to wait while I love on my velcro baby.


Kelley said...

We went through that with Little Bit...I can remember that getting dinner ready one-handed was very challenging! Hang in there!

Mama Hen said...

I Love it! velcro baby! Although
I can imagine it gets pretty tiring for you. Is she too big for a sling? Just a thought? Like one you wear on your back?

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