Monday, August 12, 2013

BAHA - The Good, Bad and Ugly.

The Good
Maggie can hear in the "normal" range with her BAHA. In comparison, she hears in the "moderate - severe range" without it. It is small and most people don't even know she wears a hearing aid. For the most part it stays on her head securely. Unlike a cochlear implant, she hears normal sounds just like a hearing person but amplified. 

Maggie also Loves her BAHA !! She is very attached to it because she knows that it helps her hear. Her BAHA allows her to live in the hearing world. She can do "normal" things like watch tv, listen to me read a book to her, listen to a movie in the car, hear her brothers play with her - everything ! Without it, she could not hear and do all these things without us shouting in a load voice. 

The Bad
Maggie's Implant site has gotten infected twice now. Also, the skin  will try to grow over her abutment. So far, we have been successful with treating her with oral antibiotics and using a steroid cream. I am praying that this will stop soon, but I know that it could be a chronic problem. In fact, some people have to have the abutment removed if they have a lot of infections. I don't even want to think about that for Maggie. 

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I am so glad they have these devises for children like Maggie! How did know she might be a candidate for device when adopting or not! If someone was considering adopting a child who is deaf than what might they look for!

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