Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Milestone !

We're celebrating !

Because Maggie is potty trained !!!

For reals. 

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I started potty training Maggie way back in the summer, but I was not consistent at all.  So, I kind of gave up.  Then, Maggie started a new school and her teacher is known as the "potty whisperer".  Seriously. She is known to magically transform little ones from diapers to potty in just a week. And so she did. It took about a week for her to start going potty. She is even sleeping in her big girl panties - no pull ups - and no accidents at night. We are all so proud of her !
 I think Maggie is pretty proud of herself too !  


Newlymeds said...

This is adorable!! What a cutie! Hooray on being potty trained!

Annie said...

Oh! The Potty Whisperer!! That made me giggle a lot!! But I am jealous!! Katie Grace is potty and poopy trained all day, but has to wear a diaper at night still. I need to work on that soon, but haven't really put much into it yet. YAY Maggie!!! BTW, she looks SOOO cute! Love the outfit!!

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