Friday, August 19, 2011

Are You My Mommy ?

Meet Parker. He is adorable ! And he has been waiting for a mommy and daddy for two years.  Love without Boundaries is trying to get the word out on this little guy.

All we know is that he was born with deformities in both ears ( it appears to me that he has bilateral microtia/atresia) BUT, his hearing is reported to be normal.  He is five years old and is described as very cute, smart and happy. Please help me spread the word about Parker. I sure hope his forever family is out there. Parker has been wanting to get adopted and just needs a chance. How my heart breaks.

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Christina said...

Oh Kathy! Must you tempt me? You know I just got home two weeks ago, but this little man is a doll! How sweet! :) Hope you and the fam are doing well- I think of you often. One of these days I'll have to schlep the girls down to Opelika. (I have all these frequent flier miles, you know!)

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