Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speech and Signing Update.

 I love this picture of Maggie and her big, bright smile. 
(Those luscious lips have no lip stick on they are el naturale!!) 

Maggie is signing "dirty" in this picture. 
She was looking at some mud under the tree in our front yard.

We use the video series Signing Time to learn American Sign Language.  Maggie learns so quickly by just watching the videos and we make sure we say what the sign is every time she signs.  

It has become evident that Maggie is a visual learner and learns best by seeing something in a book or a video. People with sensory deficits in one area usually have a heightened sense in another.  So, it is with Maggie. It is kind of funny... Maggie had a hearing problem and she really does hear quite well now.  She actually hears without the BAHA if we speak just a little louder.  Now that she knows what hearing is and that it is important, she listens better too.  I know that sounds weird but its just how it is.  So, if she got the deluxe vision package due to the hearing impairment and now is hearing great with her BAHA... well, she must be Wonder Woman!
 God has blessed her indeed!   

Our little girl loves leaves and always finds some to play with.

Ok. Now for some updates:

Maggie has had her new BAHA hearing aid for six months now and so has a "hearing age" of a six month old baby.
( Her hearing age is determined by the amount of months she has been hearing and the first day she wore her BAHA was day one.) 

With that said, Maggie is doing fantastic!
 We are still so amazed at her progress since she got her BAHA. 

Here's a list of her spoken words so far:
bye bye
Wu Wu ( Walker or Will)
Where Wu Wu ( Where's Walker or Will)
"H" for house, heart,or horse
"F" for fish, fall down
Bu ( for bus)

Maggie's Signing words:
Eat,milk,water,ball,more,bird,dog,shoes,flower,mom,dad,sleep,bear,please,share,thank you,book,socks,yes,no,dirty,potty,bath,hurt,stop and home.


Mama Hen said...

Her lips are so cute! She is growing so and I know you have worked so hard on her behalf. That and lots of love had made such a difference in her life. She is beautiful Kathy!

Waiting For Bella said...

Honestly Kathy....she is beautiful in these photos! Gracious!!!

Every single milestone for Maggie is miraculous to me. So much for what the doctor's think, huh??? We'll take God's word anyday!!! Be blessed Maggie and prosper :-)

Big hugs!!!

Annie said...

Good girl Maggie! I love to watch her grow and learn!!

And you are SO right, she has got the perfect cute bowed lips!

godmademespecial said...

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