Friday, September 10, 2010

Wo Ai Ni ( I love you Mommy)

PBS has a documentary on adoption that is very good.  I watched it yesterday and cried the. entire. time.  It is about a family adopting an eight year old girl ( with special needs) from China.  The girl is from Guangdong province, which is where Maggie is from.  A lot of the footage of China is exactly what we saw and experienced.  Also, the Civil Affairs building in Guangdong where the family meets their daughter for the first time is also where we met Maggie for the first time. The movie shows the reality of adopting an older child and the struggles that both the little girl and her family have.  The movie is streaming online until Nov. 30, 2010.  Go here to watch it.


Jodee Leader said...

I recently watched this and I sobbed through the entire thing. I felt so bad for the child. She was soooo sad.

Lisa A said...

I watched this recently as well! It is very good--and rings true of the sentimnents expressed by a family that traveled with us that adopted an older child. It's so "hard" for these children--AND their families! It's a very good documentary.

I found the producers point of view fasinating as well-in how she was often surprised and taken in a different direction once she got started on the journey. So like adoption--it's never what you expect--as it's just so darn unique--everytime. Even if you're not adopting--you're an observer.

By God's Design said...

I just watched this the other day as well. Lia Kate is from Guangdong as well, so the documentary really brought back a flood of memories. I recorded it on our DVR and Lia Kate is mesmerized by it when it is on (and she really isn't captivated much by TV).

I'm sure a lot of people have a hard time watching it and seeing her torn away from a loving foster family to move overseas with her adopted family. But I was glad they showed the foster father talking about how adoption was best for her b/c in China, with her special needs, she would never be able to go to college or find a job and her future would be very limited.

I loved seeing how happy she was in the end and how she has blossomed in her new family!

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