Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello!! Video

Here's a short video from our recent beach trip.  Maggie may... be saying "Hello".  This is our crazy family, please excuse the belly button!


Mama Hen said... She is just precious Kathy. I love that you have that on video. I know you probably just wanted to cry with joy.

Mark and my boys do the same wrestling thing all the time. It must just be a guy thing.

Diane said...

OH KB!!!! that was GREAT!!!! rick and i just sat and watched the miracle with you...we heard it too!!! many smiles, hugs and kisses to your fam!!!!

Monica Hawkins said...

It was like God himself was saying "HELLO, do you see my hand at work in this precious life." That can be your new family motto....HELLO...Huge, colossal praises for ALL he is doing. I miss you! We need to get together or at least talk. Rejoicing with you...HELLO!

Lisa A said...

What a moment! Wow! Thanks for sharing this! And what a beautiful family you have! God has blessed you all immeasurably!

Lisa A (mom to Izabella and a fellow AWAA WC program family)

Annie said...

How wonderful and I did hear her say it twice! It's nice to see other crazy, wrestling families!

Waiting For Bella said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting on this great post. I DID hear Maggie say Hello!! We sat and watched a couple of times. Just so happy for her and the accomplishments she is making. I have had you on my mind often lately and started to email several times only to get distracted and not do so. I hope you are all doing well and know that ya'll are in our prayers. Hope to see many more milestones reached in this next year!! :-)

Many Blessings!!

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