Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Clear !

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We were in Birmingham all day yesterday.  I am so happy to report that Maggie's heart and eyes are fine.

Maggie has a small hole in her heart, called a VSD.  It was reported to be about 4.5 mm in China, and yesterday the ECHO reported it to be about 2.5 mm.  So, it is closing and she will not need any surgery.  In fact, the doctor said to treat her as if she has a healthy heart ! They will monitor her on a yearly basis and she has no exercise restrictions.  Glory !!!
Also, her eyes are perfect ! No glasses for this baby.  We are rejoicing at the great news.  Thank you all for your prayers for Maggie.  We have felt them.  Now, we go back to Birmingham on Thursday to get Maggie's bone conduction hearing aid.  I can't wait !!!!!


Courtney said...

Wonderful news. She is just so precious!

Mama Hen said...

Oh, I know you are so relieved about the heart condition. That is wonderful news!!!!!

Mandi said...

Praise God for healing Maggie's heart. She is such a cutie, I just want to smooch those cheeks.


Julie said...

I have been following your blog. (We are waiting to go get our son from China.) Congrats on the wonderful news. God is awesome!!!!

Debbie said...

Awesome! So happy for you all!

Gavin's Family said...

Kathy, that's GREAT news!!!

sweet momma luv u said...

Thank you Jesus!! What awesome news. We are thrilled for you guys.

What a big relieve for you and now you can relax and treat her as a healthy child!! God is so good!!!

Big hugs,

Tami said...

Big SIGH***:-)

Great news!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

Love seeing Maggie smile..

Suzanne said...

This is soooooo wonderful! I have continued to pray for Maggie. She is just blossoming! That smile and those cheeks...I can't stand it. :) Praise God for this news and for this baby girl!

Oh, by the way...I have been so blessed by the song, "To You be the Glory" that you used on one of your "Maggie" Videos in China. In fact, God used that song to speak to me directly just recently. It is a great CD and my little girl requests the song with "Kari Jobe" and sings and sings it. Thank you.

Grace and Peace,
Suzanne Rowe
AWAA Momma of Catherine Elizabeth from Jiangxi, China

Cindy said...

Just had to jump in and say how happy I am for little Maggie! I have followed your blog and journey to bring her home. She is beautiful and has a smile that glows, your photos of her show what love can do! Thanks for sharing the updates. Hugs and prayers!

Jodee Leader said...

Whooo hoooo! So glad to hear the great news!

Michele said...

Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes. I am so grateful to Jesus for you guys!

I have to tell you though - the tears? They are because of the change in her face and spirit. I know that sounds silly considering I am just looking at a photo, but something is different about her. She looks like she is HOME. Does that make any sense? She just looks like she is glowing. Gosh I am terrible at putting things to words. Just know I am incredibly happy for you guys. And I am thrilled that sweet, sweet baby is HOME.

Lisa A said...

Wow..that smile is amazing! Looks like she's really beginning to open up...I love how they unfold before our eyes in the most gentle and sweet way. She is truly precious Kathy!

Praise GOD for the heart and vision good report! God is so good!

Praying the hearing aid goes well!

chinamomof2 said...

God is so good! You can already see in the pictures you post that Maggie is blossoming. What a blessing she is! She is a beautiful baby girl and now you can see the joy she has having her own family.

Natalie said...

Your family is beautiful. Thank you so much for letting me visit!

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