Monday, October 26, 2009

Rojo Cabeza ?

My sweet husband - Chuck - has really, really red hair. He has traveled Internationally a lot on mission/medical/building trips and his red hair is always very popular with the locals.
In Mexico they would say " Rojo Cabeza !!!" and follow him around. He really has an incredibly genuine and funny personalty and loved it.

I was just wondering - What will the Chinese locals think of my darlings red hair ?
What will Maggie think when she first looks at us ?
Chuck is convinced he will make her laugh and smile ! He's a great daddy !!
Just random thoughts I have....


Mama Hen said...

I'm gonna bet she will love it!

Gavin's Family said...

I'm sure he will get noticed. I have already been warned about the ones in our family who have blond hair.
How are things coming with the TA? You have been on my mind this last week with the thought of all you have to do to be in China for Christmas.

sweet momma luv u said...

Hello! I love the red hair. My cousin has red hair. When ever we would see each other I just was smitten and always cracking up! It didn't help that he would make funny faces at me ( he didn't have to do that very much though...). Our moms would have to separate us and the table for meals cause I'd be in stitches! We still have the special connection to this day.

Maggie will love it!
We finally are officially LOI as of Oct. 22. Yippee!


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