Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wall of memories.

i have collected a lot of pictures over the years ( before i received my wonderful, yummy digital camera).

this is the divider that my sweet and very handy hubby made the first year we started home schooling.

it divides our school room from the play room - an essential thing for two very active boys and one focused-on-getting-our-school-work-done-mom.

on the other side is a giant white board for the boys to do their spelling words, math problems, grammar rules or whatever.

i decided to put all my extra photos on the board - a kind of collage of our life.

i love pictures. they tell so many stories that i forget to tell or just plain forget.

i can't wait to hold my daughter on my hip and point to the pictures as i tell her story after story.

there are pictures of birthdays, holidays, and just plain old days (my favorite).

hopefully, our wall of memories will turn into her memories.

happy and funny memories that seem like they have always been there for her.

there is a lot of space left for pictures of her and us.

i'm sure it won't take long to fill up the board with new memories and stories !

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Waiting For Bella said...

Oh Kathy, I love this post. That board will fill up so fast. Pictures of the boys with sweet Maggie. Ahh, we can dream til' then.

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