Monday, April 20, 2009

Milkshakes and Masterpieces

My very creative and wonderful sister-in-law put together one of the best birthday parties ! We celebrated Lacey's 7th birthday outside painting these very cute masterpieces and sipping on home-made milkshakes. The boys love to paint ! The footballs were already penciled in and all they had to do was pick their colors and paint away. I got to paint a cute butterfly, that will of course hang in our little girls room one day !


Mama Hen said...

Okay, your picture turned out a lot better than mine when I did Sips and Strokes. I am too ashamed to even sell mine in the yard sale for fear someone will ask me who painted it!

Your boys did a great job too.

Mandi said...

These are really cool. I honestly thought they were ALL done by an actual painter of sorts. How cool. I will have to remember this for my daughter's birthday in December. She is very into art.


Tami said...'ve got some serious artistic talent going on there. What a wonderful idea for a party...the milkshakes must have been good fuel for the creative juices to flow:-).


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